Custom Print Kraft Paper Display Box E Flute Corrugated Cardboard for Handmade Soap

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Catching the prospect’s eyes is essential to selling the product. We assist the businessman to show the products through the display boxes.
We provide fancy-looking packaging at a low rate which caters to the encasing demand of the product to display in an organized way as well as keep it appealing.
The company is equipped with high-quality printing machines for long-lasting durable boxes which are mandatory to stay strong in the market.
So, let us design and shape your display boxes to give your brand a distinctive appearance.

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Corrugated Packaging Box

In addition to being used as the outer packaging widely, corrugated cardboard is often used for displays.


Displays made of corrugated board have the advantages of low costs and lightweight. Moreover, one of the characteristics of corrugated cardboard is that it can be assembled from small parts and can be disassembled into flat parts. As a result, corrugated cardboard displays can be shipped in flat, which can save client’s freight cost significantly. On the other hand, it also has a large advertising space, which allows to present the products in a perfect way and helps to draw every customer’s eye. Many large retail stores, such as Walmart, Walgreens, Costco, Target, etc., use the corrugated cardboard display as an important approach to POP displays in stores.


Product Description

Corrugated boxes are made up of a liner and a medium. These sheets of paper are glued together. They’re typically made of three fiberboard layers, but can be even thicker. 

The outer layer is called the linerboard or simply the liner. Liners are the flat material usually found on the outside of the board, but sometimes inside like in the case of a double or triple wall. 

The medium is the wavy layer in the middle, which is called a flute. This inside player is what gives corrugated packaging boxes their strength and why they’re so commonly used for shipping and storage.  

Flute Profile

【A flute】
Around 5mm. A flute delivers greater vertical compression strength and cushioning. It is suitable for packaging fragile items, such as fruits and glass.

【B flute】
Around 3mm. It has flat pressure resistance and high strength, and it is suitable for packaging products that are resistant to backlog items, such as beverages, food cans, etc.

【C flute】
Around 4mm. Most corrugated boxes in the United States fall into this category.

【E flute】
Around 1.5mm. E flute structure provides an excellent printing surface. it is commonly used for consumer goods boxes, trays and countertop displays.

Different Corrugate Thicknesses for Different Uses

Corrugated material is available in different wall thicknesses, known as flutes sizes. Each flute size has a particularly useful function, from shipping strength to reducing storage space to improved printability. Here are descriptions and details of each corrugated flute size.

Corrugated material is comprised of three fiberboard layers; two linerboards sandwich a middle sheet that is in a wave-shaped pattern of arches known as flutes. These flutes are anchored to the linerboard with an adhesive.

On end, flutes form rigid columns, capable of supporting a great deal of weight. From the side of the board, the space between the flutes acts as a cushion to protect the container's contents. Flutes also serve as an insulator, providing protection from sudden temperature changes. The linerboard provides additional strength and protects the flutes from damage.

Packing & Shipping

1. FedEx/DHL/UPS for samples, Door to Door.
 2. By Air or by Sea for batch goods, for FC; Airport/Port receiving; 
 3. Customers specifying freight forwards or negotiable shipping methods;
 4. Delivery Time: 3-7 days for samples; 5-25 days for batch goods.

Our Sample Policy

We are happy to provide you custom samples. If you need any sample, please kindly contact us. 
Raw material (paper / accessaries) samples are free to check the design and paper quality, and you just need to pay for the DHL express fee.
Customized sample will cost you $100-$150 /design to cover the cost on film and printing procedure. The customized sample cost is refundable after confirm this order.


Guangzhou NSW print&pack company is one of the leading companies in the paper packaging industry. We can produce a wide range of custom cosmetic boxes and beauty products packaging boxes, like the paper palette, skincare box, sunscreen box, eye liner box, eye gel box, lipstick box, facial cleanser box, cream box, lotion box, facial mask box and so on. The custom soft touch cosmetic paper box is one of our most featured products. Fine textured paper, patterned paper, specialty paper, glossy, matte laminating, soft touch, varnishing, spot UV, embossing, gold printing, silver printing, debossing, gold, silver, various color foil stamping are available.


Corrugated Paper Box

Material/ Workmanship Contrast


Other people's cheap stuff


Thick material

Damaged cardboard box isolated background

Soft material,easily damaged

High quality,clear printing

High quality,clear printing


Poor quality,not clear printing

Small color difference

Small color difference

Big color different

Big color different


Cutting neatly, tidy corners

4切割不平整,边角不齐 (2)

Wrong cutting, untidy corners

Special technology precision

Special technology precision

Special technology inaccurate

Special technology inaccurate

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