Festival Gift Packaging Drawer Packaging Box With Ribbon

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There are many different styles of rigid cardboard set-up box packaging, some customers do not know how to call them, this kind of rigid gift box with a slide-out drawer with a rigid sleeve, very similar to a drawer box, but it’s made of rigid cardboard, it can be called slide rigid boxes, rigid drawer boxes and sliding drawer gift boxes.

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What is drawer box


The drawer paper box is also called match box, because it has a matchbox style. Some people also refers it to as drawer style box. The rigid drawer box consists of 2 parts, the outer cover and the inner tray. The outer cover can have opening on one sides or both sides. Both the outer cover and inner tray are made of 900gsm weight chipboard, which is about 1.5mm thickness. The chipboard can provide enough strenght and durability to the box. You can select different thickness chipboard to meet your packaging requirements. Our factory can print our client's design on the box with high qualiity finishing like gold foil stamping, spot uv, glittering and embossing. The small cotton handle can be printed with brand logo as well.

Setup boxes offer a great solution for packaging a wide range of confectionary items. Most often used in chocolate or truffle boxes, setup boxes offer great protection with an elegant looks and feel. Setup boxes are an easy and cost effective way to customize your box with printed logos, foils or embossing.


OEM Custom Cosmetic Perfume Packaging Magnetic Closure Gift Box



Drawer boxes have different names like the sliding box, sleeve and tray box, and matchbox style box. The drawer box is widely used to package and present jewelry, high-end electronics, chocolate, candy, sunglasses, and so on products. NSWprint can supply two types of drawer boxes, one is the rigid drawer box and another is the folding matchbox style box. The rigid drawer box is made from 1000-1400gsm grey cardboard, while the folding drawer box is made from 300-350gsm paper.

In NSWprint, we can assist you in the production of personalized drawer boxes to make the box meet your requirements and fit your products. Also, we can do a wide range of finishing like embossing, hot stamping, cold stamping, glittering, and so on. If you need some specialty paper like textured paper, it is also available in NSWprint. NSWprint runs order from MOQ-1000pcs per design/size. 


Coated Paper box

Material/ Workmanship Contrast


Other people's cheap stuff


Thick material


Soft material,easily damaged


Paper accurate and thick in grams


Paper Loses Weight by stealing grams


High quality,clear printing


Poor quality,not clear printing


Small color difference


Big color different


Cutting neatly, tidy corners


Wrong cutting, untidy corners


Special technology precision


Special technology inaccurate

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