Handmade Gift Cardboard Box EVA Insert for Cosmetic

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Luxury packaging boxes offer your brand a huge competitive advantage! If you’re looking for tailored luxury packaging boxes like rigid setup boxes or rigid packaging for promotional items, we’ve got you covered.

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Designing an exquisite and unique packaging for skin care products sets is of great help to brand building and successful product sales. According to a survey data, more than 65% of customers care about product packaging when buying skin care products, and beautiful skin care product packaging will make it easier to make a purchase decision. This is a fact that we must admit. The packaging of skin care products largely determines the success of the product. Spending more energy on skin care box set will get more rewards.


The launch of a new product, or the sale of a product that requires the introduction of a new style, all need to reflect the differences in products through custom printed packaging. This is a unique large cardboard tube packaging, but it is very different from the traditional large round boxes. This tube packaging is not the way to open the packaging from the top, but the body part of the tube opens the packaging to both sides. The base in the tube is cylindrical, and EVA is used as an insert. There are five hollow hollows in EVA. Five skin care products can be inserted into the EVA base to show skin care products to customers in a good way. The inside and the base of the paper tube packaging, as well as the surface of the EVA, use 156gsm gold cardboard as the laminated paper, giving the  packaging a sense of luxury inside and overall. The packaging design of skin care products is also unique and simple, which promotes the products and brands well. Tell us your skin care products or cosmetic packaging needs, we will provide you with better service.


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Guangzhou NSW print&pack company is one of the leading companies in the paper packaging industry. We can produce a wide range of custom cosmetic boxes and beauty products packaging boxes, like the paper palette, skincare box, sunscreen box, eyeliner box, eye gel box, lipstick box, facial cleanser box, cream box, lotion box, facial mask box and so on. The custom soft-touch cosmetic paper box is one of our most featured products. Fine-textured paper, patterned paper, specialty paper, glossy, matte laminating, soft touch, varnishing, spot UV, embossing, gold printing, silver printing, debossing, gold, silver, various color foil stamping are available.


Coated Paper box

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Other people's cheap stuff


Thick material


Soft material,easily damaged


Paper accurate and thick in grams


Paper Loses Weight by stealing grams


High quality,clear printing


Poor quality,not clear printing


Small color difference


Big color different


Cutting neatly, tidy corners


Wrong cutting, untidy corners


Special technology precision


Special technology inaccurate

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