4 Types of Common Finishing on Packaging

Gold Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is a printing technique that uses hot dies to press a metallic print and foil onto the surface of a material. That material can be glossy, holographic, matte and a wide variety of other textures and almost any colour. Hot stamping is great at creating a luxury, elegant feeling for a few reasons.
Firstly, because the foils often look like expensive, shiny metals, thus creating the subconscious association that whatever is inside the box is also expensive and valuable. Secondly, foil stamping creates a second texture to the surface and invokes the physical feeling of touch.


Embossing is the process of creating a raised image, design, or text on a material, such as paper. Embossing can be found on paper boxes,paper bags,cards, and stamps, and is a popular technique in DIY crafts and activities.
Embossing adds a subtle finish to your paper crafting, giving it extra dimension and interest. It can be left plain or enhanced with colour to really bring out the design. You can achieve an embossed effect using readily available craft products on the surface or with dry embossing using pressure to create the raised effect.

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Spot UV
You may be surprised to learn that Spot UV (also referred to as Spot Gloss or Spot Varnish) printing isn’t actually a printing technique at all, but rather a method for coating printed products. While it may sound compicated, it is a relatively simple process. The “UV” portion involves using UV light for curing a varnish placed on the printed material.
Although printers can utilize this method on white paper or card stock, it is most effective on color-printed products to enhance product shine, protect its color, and keep moisture and damage out in order to preserve the product. 
Due to its lack of volatility, it’s known for being environmentally friendly. This means that little or no varnish becomes a gas that can escape into the open air.
Benefits of Spot UV Printing: Ultimate Shine, Environmentally Friendly, Resist Smudging, High Clarity


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Glitter Wrapping
Use of water and air without pollution of powder environmental protection coating, symmetrical and beautiful particles, no impurities, do not drop powder. It has a good decorative effect on printed matter, and can play the finishing point for printed matter. Process: first scrape crystal oil or glue, then sprinkle powder on it, and then through the UV lamp curing, that is, the production process is completed.

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