Common Styles of Folding Carton Boxes

What is Carton Packaging?

    A carton is a multi-purpose packaging box made of folded cardboard that is die-cut according to the box template. Folding cartons are mainly used for lighter product packaging. It is also commonly referred to as carton, folding carton, cardboard box, and paperboard box.


Most Common Styles of Folding Carton Boxes

  • Reverse tuck end (RTE) boxes These custom cartons are easy to assemble, flat to store and cost-effective. Reverse folding end boxes typically use slit latches to close the ends.

reverse-tuck-end-box                                       555c798219dc10f95e5e2b97acc3bfb


  • Straight tuck end (STE) boxes are similar to reverse tuck end boxes except that the tuck flaps are on the same side.

straight-tuck-end-box                                             4f411635ab7339dc2ec709ead38600a


  • Lock bottom boxes are suitable for heavier items. They usually have a collapsible top. Boxes with locks on the bottom stack well and look even better on shelves because they have a flat bottom.

lock-bottom-box                                             5993f774c73301536ed83403d3776fb

  • Auto-lock bottom boxes have a pre-glued bottom for added strength. They have a self-positioning bottom.

crash-bottom-box                                            516f588c7701798c521d1ed45bee359


  • One-piece tuck top boxes provide a creative way to display other lightweight items such as cakes, clothes, or multiple small items. You can even add a small window to the top folding box.

one-piece-tuck-top-box                                         IMG_6486

  • Two-piece boxes are an elegant packaging solution for any type of product, especially luxury items, confectionery varieties or multi-piece product sets. 

two-piece-box                                   3c72c2c1a8bdcde1f9a8c0c0103eb3a

  • Sleeve box wraps around the product container, adding another level of customization and protection for all types of boxes.

sleeve-packaging                                    eabcfb1f2950e70d467776f861089c5


  • Five-panel hanger tab boxes The hanging panel is longer and extends from the rare panel. Widely use at pharmacy, cosmetics, crayons and other industries.

5-panel-hanger-tab-box                                   O1CN01yoebl51Iydmo6aw2v_!!1107020962-0-cib

There are some common features you may want to add to your folding carton box:

  • Adding Inserts: It is a folded piece of cardboard that can sometimes be glued together and placed in a box to hold loose items in place. Custom inserts can be used with any folding carton type and are easily customized to fit any randomly shaped items.

adding-inserts                                 3b4031830813b1951e3facac25a59a5

  • Custom Cutouts are cardboard sections used to show the products. They can be made into any shape.

custom-cutout                              666e7bbbfc26866545bd823b9efbbdd

  • Window Patching: A plastic film that is affixed to a die-cut window. Usually used to display food and drink.


  • Thumb Tabs are small circular cutouts made in the main panel of the carton package to make the box easier to open.

thumb-tabs                                   0a262b89036f64d485f5daa908fae9d

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