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The demands on folding cartons for medicinal products have increased steadily in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.The main function of folding cartons as secondary packaging for medicinal products is to provide protection for the packaged products and to store information about them.

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What is a folding carton?


A folding carton is built out of paperboard, and it then goes through a cutting, folding, and lamination process, and then it undergoes printing for transport to a packager. The cartons are sent out flat to a packager, and the company will have its own tools to fold it up into its ultimate shape as a container for an item. The traditional example of a carton like this is a cereal box. People are unaware of just how vital the folding carton is to their daily life and shopping experience. Go to any grocery store and try to pick out a folding carton. You will see them everywhere. The folding carton is responsible for creating the packaging industry that we see today. If it hadn’t been created, the packaging industry wouldn’t be nearly as important or big as it is. Beginning in the late 1800s, the folding carton rose in use and importance. 


Why NSWprint can be your trusted supplier

100% Manufacturer Price We are a manufacturer, not a trading company. Our factory is located in Guangzhou, China. We have over 20 years of OEM production experience and over 10 years of exporting experience. We will offer you the best factory price with high-quality products.

Best Quality and service Our factory owns ISO9001:2008, SGS, FSC certificates. We always keep the quality of our packaging box consistent and low defective percentage. Our QC department will check every box before shipment. Our team members are all well trained and professional to answer questions from our clients.

Money-back guarantee  We offer a money-back guarantee for any quality issues of our products. We want to be your reliable and long-term supplier!

Who are we

1. Custom size & print
Choose the size that's perfect for your product and bring it to life with custom printed designs inside and out.

2. Lightweight & sturdy
Folding cartons are lightweight compared to mailer boxes or rigid boxes, making them ideal for stacking or displaying in retail stores.

3. MOQ from 1000 units
Order as little as 1000 units for standard sized folding carton boxes and 1000 units for custom sized folding carton boxes


Cardboard Paoer Box

Material/ Workmanship Contrast


Other people's cheap stuff

Thick material

Thick material


Soft material,easily damaged

Paper accurate and thick in grams

Paper accurate and thick in grams

Paper Loses Weight by stealing grams

Paper Loses Weight by stealing grams


High quality,clear printing

Poor quality,not clear printing

Poor quality,not clear printing


Small color difference


Big color different

Cutting neatly, tidy corners

Cutting neatly, tidy corners


Wrong cutting, untidy corners

Special technology precision

Special technology precision


Special technology inaccurate

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