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A great gift presentation can go well beyond the wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows you typically think of.  The right gift box can keep your presents safe and concealed, and be impressive all on its own. Large or small, lidded or open, we accept customization on every kind of gift box you need to make your gifts as big of a surprise as possible.

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Kraft boxes with lid

We have a special Red color paper kraft material to meet your special packing needs. They can be used as a festival, wedding gift packaging, etc applications.

These Wild Cherry Red nested gift boxes are great for gifting, as a wedding table centerpiece or even gourmet food towers; gift as is or add tissue paper on the inside and a bow on the outside for that extra special touch. A fuss-free and attractive alternative to other types of packaging.


Natural Kraft boxes are the perfect packaging box for environmentally friendly products, and most of our kraft boxes with lid are made of recycled Kraft paper that can be used to package natural skincare and beauty products, as well as to pack organic natural or handmade foods with food grade Kraft paper boxes. If you want to customize the size, we can also provide custom services. Because a box of the right size is very important for protecting and packing the products.

If the box is too large, the product will move a lot due to extra space, which may not be conducive to protecting your product, or easily damage, unless you use shredded paper as a filler to fill the extra space in the box.



Less cost is incurred in acquiring them.
These sliding paper boxes tend to be cheap as compared to other packaging materials and it would thus be convenient for you especially if your budget is restrained. The procedure of making these plain boxes is also very simple without any complications and hence relating to the cheap prices.
Very strong and sturdy.
We know that you need a packaging material that assures you that your products are safe and this is exactly what we offer you with. These paper drawer boxes are very strong and hard enough to protect your goods from any damage even during your long-term trips.
Environmental friendly.
Due to the increasing demand for the use of eco-friendly products we tend to provide these drawer boxes to ensure that no harm caused to the environment. As mentioned earlier on, these boxes can easily be recycled and hence does not in any way pollute the environment.

Since our company's establishment in 1999, Guangzhou NSW print&pack Co., Ltd, has developed into one of the leading manufactures in China, specializing in paper printing and packaging. We are focus on produce high-quality gift boxes, creative chocolate boxes, luxury wine boxes, jewelry boxes, and other high-end packaging products. We also support custom printing services, can be OEM& ODM.

We strive to follow our principle of "Providing dependable serviced and to be persistently creative."We have a team with high productivity and efficiency and a professional designer. Guangzhou NSW print&pack Co., Ltd is located in Guangdong, China with 150 workers. We have more than 20 years of production experience and 15 years of export experience


Cardboard Paoer Box

Material/ Workmanship Contrast


Other people's cheap stuff

Thick material

Thick material


Soft material,easily damaged

Paper accurate and thick in grams

Paper accurate and thick in grams

Paper Loses Weight by stealing grams

Paper Loses Weight by stealing grams


High quality,clear printing

Poor quality,not clear printing

Poor quality,not clear printing


Small color difference


Big color different

Cutting neatly, tidy corners

Cutting neatly, tidy corners


Wrong cutting, untidy corners

Special technology precision

Special technology precision


Special technology inaccurate

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